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Media and Printing Solutions

Performance Driven by Commercial Innovation

Combining expertise, strategy and market leading relationships, our integrated Media Trading department helps maximise your media outcomes without compromise. With the right mix of talent and technology, our marketing insights offer up solutions customised to your brand.

Knowledge. Agility. Collaboration. Solutions.

We know that collaboration is key to success. We work alongside your agency to fully immerse ourselves in to your brand identity and our integrated approach aids the strategy so you can achieve more.

Our in-house expertise and experience from across the media landscape is partnered with the commercial innovation to deliver custom solutions to both our clients and media partners.

Working with Active does not change the way in which you pay your agency – we only Trade on the net amount of any media spend, so you pay your agency as normal. Whilst working with Active and our solutions might mean a little extra work for your agency, it should be minimal. We can invoice via your agency or directly – our solutions are flexible and customised. Our involvement does not affect your audit, which will happen as normal.

Active Hungary’s Media department brings together a wealth of talent and experience, spanning agency planning / buying and media owner sales (all channels).

We use our expertise and portfolio of products and services, or cash investment facility, to provide customised solutions to our partners and core suppliers across the breadth of the media landscape. These solutions generate leveraged positions which we use to then allow you as our client to achieve more – be it generating ad budget, incrementing ad budget, or bringing new contracts and business as a guaranteed ROI.

We hold existing Trading relationships with almost every single one of the leading media owners in the Hungary – across all channels and all formats.