This solution could work for you if you…

  • Have capital tied up in slow moving or obsolete assets
  • Want to restore value to the business
  • Are looking to increment UK Marketing budgets


The Challenge

A top car manufacturer had a stock of vehicles from the outgoing model that were unregistered, but no longer in demand by the dealership network. The stock was facing a value write down when Active were called in.


Our Solution

  1. Active worked with the car manufacturer to develop a dealer promotion
  2. The manufacturer discounted the vehicles to dealerships
  3. Active issued Trade Credits to make up the difference between the book value and the new discounted price
  4. The client sold all the outstanding stock without facing a loss of value
  5. The Trade Credits were used to part fund TV and Publishing activity


The Benefits

  • Client sold stock of the outgoing model at full book value to make way for the incoming new model
  • Media Owner received media campaign from a client who would have had to cut their budget due to the stock issue
  • Active International sold cars


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