This solution could work for you if you…

  • Have capital tied up in slow moving or obsolete assets
  • Want to restore value to the business
  • Are looking to increment UK Marketing budgets


The Challenge

A major high street fashion store came to Active when they found themselves with a large amount of capital tied up in previous year’s fashions which they were unable to sell.


Our Solution

  1. Active agreed to purchase the out of fashion clothing from the client, restoring the full value to the fashion store by issuing Trade Credits
  2. The clothes were sold to a specialist clothing remarketer, where they were de-branded and sold on via independent outlets
  3. The client received the full value of the stock in Trade Credits and therefore did not have to take a hit on their profit and loss account or have to reduce or cut other budgets such as marketing
  4. The Trade Credits were used to increase the marketing budget, delivering incremental TV,radio and press activity


The Benefits

  • Client increased their marketing budget by receiving full value for slow moving stock
  • Media Owner received increased marketing budget by receiving full value for slow moving stock
  • Active international developed a new client relationship and income from sale of the stock


If you’d like to find out more about our Corporate Trade and, get in touch with John Charlesworth, our Director of Client Relations email or phone 020 7520 6666