This solution could work for you if you…

  • Have a product and/or service
  • Want to attract new customers
  • Are looking to increment UK Marketing budgets


The Challenge

A fast food chain looking to utilise Video On Demand (VOD) for the first time were concerned about the potential return in new business that the digital campaign would generate.

Our Solution

  1. Active worked with the fast food chain’s media agency to identify Active VOD partners that were aligned with the client’s target audience
  2. Active Traded the client’s VOD campaign
  3. Active agreed to purchase an agreed percentage of the net media cost in vouchers to spend in their restaurants
  4. The structure of the arrangement delivered the client guaranteed ROI even before the VOD campaign went live
  5. Vouchers were traded with media owners as staff incentives. The media owners paid Active in media space

The Benefits

  • Client received a guaranteed percentage of the media cost in voucher sales before the campaign went live
  • Media Owner received increased investment from the fast food chain and paid for staff incentives with media space
  • Active International profited when the media space received as payment for the vouchers was sold to other clients


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